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The most powerful herbal tea to boost your Immune system – Organic Cistus Incanus Tea

Organic Cistus Incanus Tea

Online you’ll be able to find all different types of herbal teas that boost your immune system, and will keep your body healthy and sound but have you heard about the most powerful herbal tea Cistus Incanus that not only boost your immune system but also a natural antibiotic, antiviral and biofilm buster.

I have been using this herbal drink for my family regularly and the results are mind-blowing. The immune system is challenged as it’s exposed to common childhood illnesses. Energy to run, jump, play and learn is dependent on nutrient intake. But getting a healthy start in life can be challenging for many reasons. That’s why I believe Cistus Incanus tea possesses very powerful healing properties. Cistus Tea is not as popular as Green tea but the fact is this tea is 3 times as healthy as green tea and much more affluent in antioxidants.

Organic Cistus Incanus tea has some astonishing health benefits as listed below:

  1. It contains bioactive compounds that improves health
  2. Improve dental health: works well for oral cavity hygiene
  3. It has a fantastic capability to eliminate free radicals from the body
  4. It may help with the symptoms of Lyme disease
  5. Due to high in antioxidant, it may help in slow the aging process
  6. It may help with upper respiratory infections and reduces the symptoms of common cold
  7. Helps with urinary tract infections

This miracle herb is known for its unbelievably high level of anti-oxidants and polyphenolic substances. Polyphenols have actually been revealed to be strong with prospective health advantages that have either antibacterial or antiviral potential. Research studies have shown that it has promising results against the influenza virus without showing harmful impacts.

Substantial outcomes supporting the use of organic cistus incanus tea were discovered in a scientific study on a few patients with upper respiratory infections. You can read the research study here. This research was done on 300 patients and treated with Cistus lozenges compared with a green tea extract. It was discovered that those treated with Cistus Incanus had substantially less symptoms of infections than those of treated with green tea.

Believe it or not Cistus tea might be a highly useful addition to health etiquettes for anyone looking to get rid of persistent infections and health problems like chronic Lyme disease.  If you are struggling with any sort of infection, or simply want to avoid infection, I believe it is certainly worth giving it a try.

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