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Natural Health Benefits

Super Herbs is a family-owned business open with one mission to improve the health of a community. How do Super Herbs come to Existence? Our story began just over 3 years ago when our son seemed very restless, unsettled, fussy eater, meltdowns, and asthma symptoms. We were told our son has mild Autism. At first, we couldn’t believe it. As the days passed, we recognized many signs of Autism with repetitive behaviors and language delay. Every day we hope and pray that we can able to provide our son with everything he needed. Our son gets sick too often suffering from cough, running nose which turns into wheezing, a breathing problem. He had been taken to emergency two times and remained on an asthma puffer for a few days. We cried and prayed that our son gets well soon and we as parents want to do anything for our son.

The word “hope” is very strong and we are very optimistic there would be an answer to this problem. We don’t want to see our son in trouble and suffering from breathing problems again and again. We tried so many different things and home remedies but still, we were not fully satisfied with the results. We don’t want to wait for long as every day can be worse than the last.  I started reading numerous articles and posts on the internet to find any treatments that were genuinely helpful.  While researching, I came across an amazing healing tea “Cistus Incanus”. I have never heard of such things. At first, I was very skeptical but when we tried this tea the reward was so high that this herbal tea is well worth trying. I’m now so obliged that my wife and I did try and it has made all the difference in my son’s health and well-being.

We decided to share it with everybody and this is how Super Herbs came into existence.

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