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Organic Bio Coltsfoot Loose Leaf Herbal Tea – Dry Cough Remedy

  • Dry Cough Remedy
  • Smokers Cough Remedy
  • Contains Mucilage, high in fibre

Organic Bio Coltsfoot as part of its Latin name Tussilago implies, coltsfoot is reputed as an antitussive. The buds, flowers, and leaves of coltsfoot have been long used in traditional medicine for dry cough and throat irritation. The plant has found particular use in Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of respiratory diseases, including cough, asthma, and acute and chronic bronchitis. It also is a component of numerous European commercial herbal preparations for the treatment of respiratory disorders. Coltsfoot preparations long have been used to soothe sore throats. The mucilage most likely is responsible for the demulcent effect of the plant.

Choose Wisely:

  • This is 100% Organic Bio Coltsfoot Loose Leaf Herb harvested by local people in wild organic lands in Eastern Europe.
  • Dried using only traditional techniques without any chemical treatments.
  • Then it’s packed and ready for you.
  • Remember that some companies are using additional ingredients like gelling agents and bulking powders-you won’t find them here


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