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Our guarana powder is vegan and 100% raw. For you, we exclusively choose raw foods, that have not been genetically modified and provide them in our products without additives or flavors. Our guarana powder is controlled for contamination and comes with a certificate of analysis. It has not been irradiated and gently dried. To give you the best dose of guaranine, we offer premium quality guarana powder.
Guarana is a climbing plant from the Amazon region and is also called caffeine vine. For centuries, the plant with the red fruits and dark seeds has been used as a tonic. The seeds are pressed and ground into powder. One guarana seed contains more than 3 times as much of the stimulant guaranine as caffeine is contained in coffee beans. The two substances are chemically closely related and have a stimulating and uplifting effect. However, guaranine is released slowly and gently into the body. Therefore, the effect of guaranine is more gentle and lasts longer. Guarana is ideal for all those who do not tolerate coffee, or avoid it for health reasons, but still do not want to do without its stimulating effect.
Ingredients: 100% pure guarana powder
Recommended intake: 5g daily
Packaging: resealable kraft paper pouch

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm


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