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Our agar agar powder is vegan, 100% raw and free of any additives. For you we exclusively choose raw foods, that are not genetically modified and provide them in our products without additives and flavors. Our agar agar powder is controlled for contamination with a certificate of analysis and has not been irradiated. It is completely calorie-free, tasteless and odorless. Therefore, our agar agar gelatinizes your food without affecting the taste. To make sure you get the best vegan gellant for your kitchen, we offer premium quality agar agar powder.

Agar is extracted from the cell walls of red algae, which are mainly found in East Asia. In Japan and China, agar has been used for food preparation since the 17th century and is used as a vegetable binding agent in many Asian dishes. Even a concentration of 1% agar dissolved in hot water, is sufficient for an elastic but not too firm gel. Half a teaspoon of agar agar is thus about as effective as four sheets of gelatin. As an odorless and tasteless vegetable gallant, agar agar is popular with vegans because it can be used as a vegetable substitute for gelatin. As an indigestible gellant, agar agar is calorie-free and easily excreted by the body. Therefore, agar agar is even used as a bowel cleanser. Our agar agar is particularly suitable as a thickener for soups, sauces, pies, confectionery, ice cream, jams, gels, cakes and beverages.

Ingredients: 100% pure agar agar

Packaging: resealable kraft paper pouch

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 3 cm

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